This service provides a group living experience in an ordinary house where all domestic facilities are shared. It is targeted towards service users whose mental health is generally stable and those who have re-established basic independent living skills, but still require a considerable level of monitoring with maintaining their mental health, and support with carrying out daily living tasks.

Service users in shared housing are subject to a tenancy agreement, provided primarily as a tool to support them to develop knowledge and skills in housing-related activities as part of their graduated move towards an independent community life.

The service is staffed at all times with at least one person on duty, sleep-in cover is provided between 9.30 pm and 8.00 am.

Moti Lodge

44 Long Lane,
N3 2PU

Tel: 020 8349 4417
Fax: 020 8366 2929

Moti Manor

5 Glendale Avenue,
Wood Green
N22 5AH

Tel: 020 8888 6971
Fax: 020 8366 2929

Casa Moti

78 Nursery Road,
N14 5QH

Tel: 020 8349 4417
Fax: 020 8349 4417