We want to be sure that we do what we say and that our services not only achieve our high standards but are subject to a process of continuous improvement.

This is why we have implemented a stringent regime of audits and inspections.

System Purpose Lead Frequency
Individual Case Audit
  • Monitor compliance with our service delivery model
  • Relevant scheme manager
  • 3-monthly
Service User Satisfaction Survey
  • Establish satisfaction levels
  • Relevant scheme manager
  • 6-monthly
  • At point of transition between internal services
  • At point of exit
Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys
  • Establish satisfaction levels
  • Service manager
  • QA & projects manager
  • Yearly
Cross Service Audit
  • Establish that all the required administration and management functions of the schemes are being carried out
  • Overseen by QA & projects manager
  • Carried out by scheme managers (but not their own schemes)
  • 6-monthly
Premises Inspections
  • Maintain physical standard of properties
  • General maintenance officer
  • Monthly
Security, Health & Safety Audits & Inspections (various)
  • Ensure health & safety of all
  • Scheme managers
  • Senior Support Workers
  • H&S consultants
  • As required to comply with the minimum standards as set out in legislation, policies & procedures