All aspects of the company’s work are overseen by Maison Moti’s Board of Directors, which meets every 8 weeks.

Provided below are resumes of the Directors who regularly sit on the Board.

Maya Mahtani, Director of the Board

Maya is the founder of Maison Moti. Without her courage and determination Maison Moti would not be where it is today. With the blend of astute property acquisition as well as a profound determination to improve people’s lives, her skills have paved the way for an organisation with strong values.

Maya is as committed as ever to ensure that quality is maintained in all areas of the business, particularly where service users are concerned.

Mostak Ahmed, Managing Director

Taking over from Manoj as the Managing Director, Mostak joined Maison Moti in September 2007. Mostak is a qualified Social Worker by background and has 15 years experience working for a number of local authorities across a variety of social care settings.

During the last 7 years of Mostak’s career within local authorities he has worked as a senior manager heading up various divisions, including Asylum Services, Youth Offending and Commissioning.

In this time he has been involved in a number of regional, national and also international projects concerning vulnerable people and worked extensively with a variety of government, NGO and European agencies to promote social inclusion.

Mostak has also worked as a social care and management consultant carrying out training, development work and undertaking investigations into major incidents.