At Maison Moti, we recognise that our services are only as good as the people we employ, which is why we do not compromise on quality when it comes to our staff teams.

We currently employ in excess of 50 staff. Our staffing composition reflects the diverse racial and cultural backgrounds of our service users and of the local communities within which our schemes are located.

What we hold in common are the company’s vision, mission and values, and the fact that as individuals we believe in striving to provide the most professional service in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our users.

The type of work that we do means that we must employ the right type of people, with the right values and motivations. This is why we take time to ensure that our selection and recruitment process is comprehensive and thorough.

Continuous professional development is important to us as a company. We are committed to providing an ongoing rolling programme of core training covering all the main aspects of staff jobs. This is supplemented by regular more specialist training which helps to keep us abreast of changes in legislation, policy and good practice.

This way we can ensure that our staff teams are always equipped with the best ‘tools’ with which to secure the best possible outcomes.