On Monday 3rd October 2016 we relocated Moti Manor, one of our shared housing projects, to a new location in Wood Green. All of the service users who were based at Eade Road moved into the new bigger project.  The new Moti Manor has a total of 6 separate units of accommodation, a nice back garden, a communal kitchen and large living room.

Since moving to the new project all of our service users and staff are a lot happier with the upgraded facilities.dsc_0169dsc_0160dsc_0150dsc_0166dsc_0186dsc_0149dsc_0147dsc_0179dsc_0142-copydsc_0145dsc_0193dsc_0155dsc_0182dsc_0137dsc_0120dsc_0119dsc_0152dsc_0176dsc_0197dsc_0135dsc_0129