Job description


Accountable To: Relevant Project Leader/ Manager
Responsible For: N/A
Daily Hours: Shift work as per roster
Days in week: As per roster
Lunch: To be taken on premises
Total Hours: 37 per week


Grade/Scale: RSW1
Salary: £19,240 pa or £10 per hour
Location: Project site – TBA



To ensure the health and safety of service users and to support them to maintain and further improve their mental health and promote their independent living abilities in accordance with their individual support plans and in so doing to fully involve them in every aspect of planning and service delivery.



1. Direct Work with Service Users & Family Members

1.1  To ensure that service users are treated with respect and dignity at all times and to build positive and constructive working relationships with all service users ensuring clear and professional boundaries.

1.2  To undertake Key Worker responsibilities for a designated number of service users. (This will involve ensuring that all aspects of the service for your ‘key residents’ are co-ordinated, that assessments and support plans are current and being implemented correctly, that regular key working meetings take place, progress reports are routinely sent to the professional team and family members as appropriate, and that formal care and placement reviews are carried out frequently. Ultimately, the role of the Key Worker is to ensure that the service user is happy and that s/he is making good progress).

1.3  To provide an induction to new service users ensuring that they understand all their rights, responsibilities and entitlements (See Service User Guide) especially in regards to SOVA and the procedure for making complaints. Also, to help them understand the service/ house rules, become orientated with the local area and generally to help them to settle in to the service.

1.4  To manage and administer medication to all service users according to their individual medication management plan (as set out in the Support Plan) and to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of medication, that it is controlled, that all medication is stored, administered, recorded and disposed off correctly and any concerns are reported to the line manager immediately (see Medication Management Procedure).

1.5  To conduct comprehensive and detailed Assessments of service user needs using the prescribed format (see Service Delivery Model document) and to record all findings clearly separating out fact from opinion and setting out the evidence to support any assertions/ findings.

1.6  To use the needs identified through assessment to formulate SMART Support Plans setting out clearly what the objective is and the steps that are to be taken towards achieving the objective.

1.7  To keep the Support Plans under constant review to ensure that it is being followed and that it remains relevant and up to date at all times.

1.8  To ensure that your key service users have a structured daily routine and a weekly programme of activities and that they as well as all other service users are encouraged to follow it.

1.9  To ensure that you have a clear understanding of all identified service user risks and their relapse indicators (see Service Delivery Model document) and to monitor and report immediately the occurrence of any such risks or relapse indicators.

1.10  To ensure that key working meetings with your key service users take place as agreed and as part of these meetings to discuss progress any obstacles and issues to ensure that the support plan areas are being achieved within stated timescales.

1.11  To ensure that your service users have a clear programme of support in place to help them achieve the independent living skills required for them (as set out in the Support Plan) to progress onto a more or even completely independent living placement/ accommodation.

1.12  To build and maintain positive working relationships with members of the service user’s family and with the service users consent to involve them in the care and support of the service user.

1.13  To prompt, encourage, motivate and empower service users to engage and comply with all aspects of their support plans and all company rules, regulations and procedures and ultimately to help them to become more independent and move-on to a less supported placement within the agreed time scales.

1.14  To carry out regular service user room/ premises checks to ensure that the room is clean and tidy, that laundry is done and generally that their living environment is presentable and in good repair and where necessary to support the service user to clean the room/ premises.

2. Rent & Other Service User Charges

NB: Except for service users placed in our Residential care and Community Outreach Service all service users are subject to an assured short-hold tenancy agreement and required to pay a rent charge, a contribution towards the cost of utilities and on occasions to pay for other non-standard services provided such as activities and excursions.

2.1  If applicable, to ensure that the service user is provided with a tenancy agreement (within the first 3 days of service commencing) and that the responsibilities are understood by the service user, especially with regard to the rent and utilities liability they have (consult with your line manager for the amount and details of these charges).

2.2  If applicable, to support the service user to complete and submit an application for Local Housing Allowance (LHA) (formerly known as Housing Benefit) in order to get the rent charge to be paid by the local Housing Benefit Department. The application must be submitted within the first 5 days of the service commencing.

2.3  To chase the application for LHA through to a decision. The decision on the amount awarded by the Housing Benefit Department must be notified to your line manager and Maison Moti’s central finance team. If the amount awarded is not sufficient to cover the rent and there are grounds then to discuss with line manager and if required to support the service user to appeal the decision.

2.4  If applicable, to arrange with the service user the means for collecting the rent, utilities and any other charges. (NB: the service user is only required to pay the rent directly if they are not eligible for LHA or there is a difference in the amount received through LHA and the rent charge. The amount to be paid by the service user, if any must be authorised by your line manager). Where possible the service user should be encouraged to pay any regular charges such as rent and utilities through a bank standing order arrangement.

3. Working with the Multi-Disciplinary Team & other External Agencies  

3.1  To build positive working relationships with the service users Care Coordinator and multi-disciplinary team and to ensure regular communication on concerns and progress. (NB: It is the Care Coordinator who is responsible for making any significant decisions, not you or Maison Moti as a company as our job is to ensure the day to day welfare of the service user, not to make key decisions about their well-being or future).

3.2  With regard to your key service users to ensure that once the Core Assessment and Core Support Plan have been completed (this will need to be within 4-weeks of the service commencing) and approved by your line manager to send the Core Support Plan to the care Coordinator for approval and to chase it through till approved.

3.3  Upon the Core Support Plan being approved by the Care Coordinator to ensure that the care Coordinator and other members of the service users multi-disciplinary team are sent formal ‘Service User Reports on Progress’ on at least an 8-weekly basis unless the plan is to send these reports on a more frequent basis.

3.4  Where necessary to attend and contribute to professional appointments with the service user and other formal meetings such as CPA’s, placement reviews, discharge planning meetings and so forth.

3.5  To liaise with and make necessary arrangements with external agencies such as education, employment and training providers, leisure, recreational, health and other services etc to support the service user to access and engage with services as agreed as part of their Support Plan objectives.

3.6  To represent the company positively at all public/ external activities and events and in accordance with Maison Moti’s core values.

4. Administrative, Financial & Reporting Requirements  

4.1  To maintain in good order and keep up to date at all times the service user files and the Service Delivery Model document as well as the various other record keeping requirements. (Where possible to ensure that all records are completed and maintained electronically and if necessary to photocopy documents and file in the service user’s files).

4.2  To ensure that all complaints, concerns and incidents (including any suspicions) are notified to your line manager/ on-call out of hour’s senior manager immediately (using the available template documents where relevant and in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures in these areas).

4.3  To ensure that the MAR Sheets, Communication Book, Appointment Diary and Weekly Planner are checked on a daily basis and kept up to date with new information/ appointments.

4.4  To ensure that records of petty cash, activities monies and service user money’s and belongings are kept up to date, that signing in and out processes are followed and receipts for all purchases are maintained.

4.5  To provide service users with a signed receipt at any point that any cash/ cheques or other valuables are taken/ collected from them.

4.6  To check and respond to emails on a daily basis (This is vital as email represents one of the main modes of communication for the company).

4.7  To ensure that you are able to access the server (This is key because the majority of the required documents, forms and policies and procedures are stored electronically).

4.8  To undertake regular checks on the state of repair of the property and all fixtures and fittings and where works are required to record this on the works log.

4.9  To answer the telephone and deal with inquiries and referrals in a professional manner and to take and forward messages as required.

4.10  To maintain a personal record of all hours worked in the event of any dispute about pay.

5. Night – Waking Duties

NB: This section applies (in addition to all others) only to Support Work staff undertaking night –waking duties, including staff that may perform these duties on an occasional basis.

5.1  To carry out cleaning and laundry duties as required.

5.2  To be aware at all times of the movements of all persons within the building and to ensure that service users do not leave the premises unless in the event of an emergency.

5.3  To ensure that the building is secure at all times.

5.4  To respond to and deal with any disturbances as required.

6. Policies, Procedures & Relevant Industry Regulations & Guidance

6.1  To ensure that you are familiar with and proactively adhere to all company policies and procedures but especially those concerning SOVA, Whistle Blowing, Complaints, Grievance, Disciplinary, Absence from Work, Lone Working, Equality and Diversity and Health & Safety.

6.2  To be familiar with and proactively adhere to all relevant industry regulations and guidance such as the National Minimum Standards and the Supporting People Quality Assurance Framework.

7. Health, Safety & Security

7.1  To carry out regular checks as required in respect to:

  • Fire Safety (inc. fire drills, testing of smoke alarms, check fire extinguishers – fire safety checklist)
  • Health & safety (inc. maintenance, COSHH – see H&S checklist)
  • Security (inc. checks on security of premises, vetting of visitors, monitoring movement of service users)
  • Food Hygiene (inc. monitoring of fridge/freezer and cooking temperatures, product sell-by dates)
  • Service User room/ premises inspections.

8. Working Hours & Conditions

8.1  To undertake lone working, sleep-in duties, wake-night duties, work weekends and occasional bank holidays as required. (NB: All Support Worker positions across the company will involve shift work, inc. weekend and bank holiday working and sleep-in duties and many will involve lone working)

8.2  To participate in planning and delivering activities and excursions with service users as may be required, including trips abroad.

8.3  To maintain punctuality and good time keeping at all times.

8.4  To ensure a good level of personal hygiene and appropriate dress at all times.

8.5  It is not permissible for an employee to work under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. (The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted whilst on duty).

8.6  The personal use phones (inc. mobiles), IT or any other form of technology is not permitted whilst on duty.

9. Learning & Development

9.1  To attend, show willing and participate in staff monitoring and learning and development activities such as induction, probation, supervision and appraisal meetings, internal and external seminars, workshops and training events.

9.2  To support the manager and senior support staff in ensuring that there is staffing cover at all times and to ensure that you do not go off duty until there is staff cover available on the premises.

10. Other

10.1  To maintain professional conduct at all times (see staff manual/ handbook).

10.2  To attend other meetings or events whether internal or external as may be required from time to time.

10.3  To undertake basic cleaning duties as may be required to keep the premises presentable and safe from hazards.

10.4  To undertake basic cooking and meal preparation duties as may be required.

10.5  To check for sufficient supplies of all stocks (i.e. stationary, food items, cleaning & other household products) and list items for order and when necessary to shop for any items required.

10.6  To maintain inventories of both service user belongings and also of company property.

10.7  To undertake any other duties that are commensurate to the position as may be requested from time to time, including lead areas of responsibility as determined by the line manager.